In addition to performing a top-quality job in a safe, professional manner, one of the primary goals at Urban Bros. Painting is to perform the work with minimal inconvenience to all concerned. By focusing on keeping the job running smoothly, we’re continually focused on quality.


Each job begins with a letter to residents introducing ourselves and explaining the work we’ve been hired to perform. We also provide notices to each resident announcing when a particular building will be washed and painted, and when entry and garage doors will be done.

We coordinate door painting by posting a sign-up sheet so residents can choose the most convenient date, and provide alternate times as well. Plus, we offer both weekday and weekend door painting time slots.


Special care is taken to protect community and personal property. Landscaping and plants are draped with lightweight tarps and any forgotten bicycles are covered. Our painters always use drop cloths and masking to make sure paint is applied only where it’s intended.

The crew wears easily identifiable uniforms while on the job. Alcohol, drugs, offensive language, loud voices and radios are never tolerated on any site. Rather, we bring a courteous, cooperative attitude, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to complete the project successfully.

The job site is cleaned every day of rubbish, and all equipment is stored nightly in a single location – generally, in a 20-foot storage container.


A thorough, final clean up is performed upon painting completion. Your project consultant will then inspect the site to ensure the job promised is actually the job delivered.

Any necessary touch-ups will be handled immediately – we want the job wrapped up expertly and completely!





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