Performing our work safely is the company’s top goal. All jobs need to be safe for our customers, our workers, and the general public, or the job won’t be done by Urban Bros. Painting.

Truly, “safety is no accident.” It takes a lot of hard work, and a great deal of focus to become educated in safe work practices, to implement safety policies, and to maintain the discipline to enforce those policies at all times.

Urban Bros. Painting ranks tops in its industry in regards to safety. Our most recent Workers’ Comp Experience Modification Rating stands at 69 – this means that Urban Bros. job sites are exceptionally safe for the crew, and for residents and tenants as well as.

We’re very proud of our safety record and continually seek ways to improve upon it. For example, everyone in the company is continuously tested and trained in the most up-to-date safety procedures, and our senior foremen conduct unannounced, weekly inspections at all Urban Bros. job sites.

This emphasis on safety brings tangible rewards. We’ve instituted a quantifiable Safety Incentive Program whereby the sites and crew are formally graded as whole, while individual feedback is given to crew members regarding their safety procedures on the job. Bonuses are then awarded based on each crew’s overall safety record.





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