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We thoroughly investigate the job with a paint manufacturer’s representative prior to submitting a bid.
We take the time to ensure each surface is properly cleaned, sanded, caulked and primed prior to painting – thorough preparation is one of the hallmarks of an Urban Bros. paint job.
We use top-quality materials and deliver meticulous workmanship – this ensures a better looking job initially, and a longer lasting job overall.
We provide color samples and color consulting to make sure customers are happy with the results.
We take pride in the jobs we perform, and treat each property as if it were our own.

We provide notices so residents know what to expect at each point in the job and how to reach us.

The jobsite foreman is always on site, and the property manager, plus all residents are provided with his cell phone number.
We give every resident with an evaluation form to tell us about needed touch-ups, and to let us know what they thought of our service.
We listen and respond to what people say.

We organize job schedules to minimize the time each unit is affected.

We keep all sites neat and organized while we work, and clean up every evening.
We respect personal property and landscaping.
Our entire crew wears uniforms, and is quiet and courteous.
We let tenants and residents choose the most convenient days to paint their doors.
If problems arise, we handle them immediately.
We never leave the site until the job is finished and our customer is satisfied.

We take time to ensure each job is safe for our workers and safe for the public.

Our crew is regularly trained and frequently tested regarding safe work practices.
Our senior foremen conduct unannounced, on-the-spot safety inspections.
We maintain a $5 million Umbrella Insurance Policy to ensure homeowners’ full protection.
After nearly 30 years of painting both residential and commercial complexes, from single story units to high-rises, we have the experience to properly manage your job and produce excellent results.
Ask to see our list of references from projects located throughout the Bay Area.





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